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Due to this tiresome world, we are now living in; some seek for sanctuary, or probably an escape from oneself, and the gruesome state of mind that one tries to escape, the boredom that can’t be cured. Here, our Moontopia invites all these suffering individuals for an escape from oneself. Moontopia would like to bring you back to where it all begins.

We stand upon the concept of total emptiness, a form of environment which somehow does not take you back to the beginning of how things were formed but on how things exists but has none the less meaning in them, as seen; Moontopia city, where there are abundant of buildings, skyscrapers, high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, etc. but none of them are of neither doors nor windows. A poetic environment which conforms its inhabitants the true meaning of oneself, of how small we are without the shelter of these walls and roofs and how we were all born to spend our time outside concrete rooms. Doors and windows or even other decorative details and colors, we see these days might as well be what is polluting our minds and what we use to measure civilization. Without these details, all of the architecture here are the same, no name, no value, no purpose, just blocks of concrete, back to the basis of how things were all formed. Only essential programs necessary for the people of Moontopia are given it’s void. The people of Moontopia are so equal that they don’t live in houses but instead, they live in Bubbles, transporting them to certain places of public facility such that of the bath house, cinema, school or even motel for those Moontopians in the need to reproduce. The Space Station, an only contact to planet earth, functions like an airport and of course, with space officers to keep things in order. According to what mentioned prior about Moontopians, travelling in Bubbles, but why Bubble? Bubbles are resemblances of the mother’s womb, a state of the beginning of all man kinds, fed by vessels from the basecamp with oxygen and nutrients enough for consumption and supply. When the bubble is fully supplied, its ready to move travel around and shelter its inhabitant, just like how our mother’s tissue protect us from the harsh world and in a meantime, defines personal space. The forming of a relationship also relates on the division of the Bubble Womb as to how cell division works, duplicating more and more bubbles. For the vacant ones, symbolizes the deceased, a bubble which will sooner or later break and perish without the feeding of nourishment.

Even if emptiness does not cure the boredom one gets from this materialistic planet earth, but emptiness here does make one understand more about oneself, making more of “self-analysis” and for an individual to make a life-time meditation and understand the routes of each problem they are facing; is nothing belong here forever and nothing is actually controllable, we are just humans and we are common. Here at Moontopia, we have no name, no title, just doing “self-analysis.”