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We are all made of cosmic dust. Yet, along with the diminishing visibility of the night sky, we seem to be losing the notion of our place in the universe. The key aim of Planetariums is providing the opportunity to explore space for broader public, often in locations, in which the task would be otherwise impossible. The pollution and abundance of electric lightning have made us loose the sight of cosmos. Therefore, we believe, that the key aim for the new generation of planetariums is to be present in our everyday reality and allow us to truly experience it. Recognizing ourselves as an integral part of the universe could be a giant step in the public consciousness of our impact on our surroundings, our planet and everything beyond.

The Zero Gravity Company:

Our project proposes a modular building system, which can be adjusted to different sites and surroundings. Universal, yet characteristic, can soon follow the footsteps of international chain companies and make a close encounter with space available on every bigger street across the world. It’s lightweight, steel construction can simultaneously fit in the urban fabric our cities and provoke curiosity of what’s inside. The minimalistic, industrial nature of the proposal allows the visitor to disconnect from the loud, overloaded reality and prepare for a one-on-one with cosmos.

The Neutral Buoyancy Pools:

The second aim of our project is to provide a fuller, more intimate encounter with space by utilising ground -breaking technologies. The engagement of many senses makes an educative experience deeper and far more memorable. In our research, we came across the Neutral Buoyancy Pools – a current training method for astronauts, which imitates space’s conditions. Neutral buoyancy is a condition in which a physical body’s average density is equal to the density of the fluid in which it is immersed.

In other words, our diver can experience the zero- gravity conditions, when aided by a complex air controlling system, which closely monitors his weight. The wetsuit is integrated with a VR Helmet, which transfers him from Earth to far away galaxies. Completely detached from its surroundings, our visitor can quietly confront and contemplate the expanse of cosmos. Away on his journey, his simultaneously an unusual, thought-provoking part of his everyday surroundings, when visible from the streets.