“I would like to see a structure that serves several functions and provides shelter in a variety of weather conditions around the world. A structure that can be easily transportable, set-up and taken down and incorporates a technology or method of design that allows development of various sizes.”

Abeer Seikaly has worked with several well-established architecture and design practices and has since refined her focus on cultural production.  Abeer is co-directing Amman Design Week, an ongoing learning platform that is helping provide opportunities to a wide community with the underlying mission to foster a culture of and design-thinking in Jordan.  Abeer received her Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002.

While articulating architecture as social technology, Abeer Seikaly’s projects form through her multidisciplinary approaches and seek to define the spaces in which society and individuals interact.  In 2013 she won the Lexus Design Award for her work “Weave a Home” which explores dwelling concepts and experience through social architecture. Today, Abeer’s ongoing research for sheltering solutions is a process that seeks to provide a unique and easily accessible platform to allow communities to benefit from her research work while applying design-thinking to identify material and functional requirements. Abeer’s innovation is an exploration on “how” communities can build shelter with their traditional and cultural specificities and most readily available materials.