“As a jury member, I am interested in projects with such features as the opportunity to be modified and to grow, in structures that should be durable, easily dismantled and repacked for use in different locations and designs that should be easily implemented with building techniques that can be taught to a potentially unskilled workforce.”

Karina Ashrapova is the winner of Eleven’s Biomimicry Competition and a Master’s student in the TIArch Studio of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Kazan, Russia. Karina devotes a special attention to hand drawing and hand modeling as one of the most successful ways to demonstrate architectural ideas and as a way of organizing an architectural space.

Currently, she is doing research on the organization of architectural space on a basis of symbiosis of architecture, nature, technology and materials. Karina believes that nature is able to give us answers to all our ‘unsolvable’ problems; we only need to listen carefully to it and be inspired by it. Her inspiration is driven by the belief that progressive robot technology, development of biomaterials and innovative methods of construction allow us to design sustainable, resource efficient, autonomous, safe and comfortable urban environment through a connection of bio-systems and computer calculations. Solution of sustainable problems, searching the lost language of communication, a channel of relationships between man and environment is the base of her work. Karina believes that we will be able to create the perfect future for our generations, and architecture is the greatest way to change the world!