“The planetarium is already a unique entity. It is a profoundly different architectural space. Its immersive presentation capabilities creates the most efficient learning environment mankind has yet invented. It is a place where the often mind-boggling reality of the Universe “out there” at the largest scales, and “down there” at the smallest scales can be visualized. I will be looking forward to innovative architecture that creates new ways for the planetarium space. New thinking that supports and enhances the technical capabilities of the future to making a life-like or even hyper-realistic immersive projection possible. New ideas for how we can “condense” the immense reality of our cosmos so that it becomes comprehensible for our relatively limited human mind.”

Lars is an award-winning astronomer and science communicator. He has produced material for a multitude of different media from star shows, fulldome movies, laser shows and slide shows, to web, print, TV and radio. Lars has more than 200 publications to his credit, most of them in popular science communication and in its theory. He has authored a dozen popular science books translated to more than ten languages. He has directed several documentaries and planetarium movies that have received critical claim around the world. Lars received the Tycho Brahe Medal in 2005 for his achievements in science communication.