“It will be critical to the competition to be able to clearly see how the design response adapts to the constraints of time and the scarce availability of materials. Simplicity will be the essence and the communication of ideas to the victims of such disasters. So ‘Less is More’ being a critical guiding philosophy in design and communication.”

Narinder Sagoo joined Foster + Partners in 1996. In 2000, he became the youngest-ever associate at Foster + Partners, was made a project director the following year and was promoted to partner at the start of 2004. Narinder is most well-known for his perspective drawings and his unique ability to grasp and visualise architectural visions. Working alongside Lord Foster and other Senior Partners, Narinder has been personally involved in all of the practice’s projects over a period of two decades.

Responsible for all artistic representations of projects, from sketch and drawing, digital painting through to photorealistic representation. Narinders team of artists continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in conveying not just the appearance of a built reality but its atmosphere, whilst exploring sensory relationships with the built and natural environment.The act of listening to a client, results in sketching our interpretation, drawing our ideas and painting our dreams together. Photorealism takes us forward in time to the point of reality, where we can imagine a future far beyond.

Narinder continues to teach at the Bartlett School of Architecture, Yale University and the Cambridge School of Architecture.