“An African safari is an educational experience, and yet so often the actual safari lodges themselves are more about the thread-count of the towels & the size of the rooms than about continuing the educational process of this unique travel experience.  Safari lodge design of the future should look to convey the surrounding natural design & biological principles in a holistic, educational & experiential way…  what if a safari lodge operated like a natural organism or community – how different would it look & feel?”

Born & raised in Africa, Rob has a natural affinity with all things wild.  With 20 years of experience in some of Africa’s remotest wilderness areas, he has come to appreciate the intricate detail of nature’s genius first-hand.  He is a Biomimicry field expert for Africa with much experience in innovation through natural design, both material and metaphorical.  Rob is based in Zimbabwe leading safaris & nature immersion workshops throughout Africa & the rest of the natural world.